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I pride myself on finding unique wines and drop shipping directly to my busy clients, thereby relieving you of having to burn up your valuable time unnecessarily.

I send out regular emails, sometimes as many as 4-5 per week, on a variety of different wines. To be added to my broadcast email list, simply send me an email to: and I will begin sending you information on some delicious, limited production and very unique wines. If you aren't in the market or the mood, simply hit delete until the time is right for you. The featured wines are priced anywhere from $10 per bottle to, well, just about as much as you would like to spend. The emails encompass only a small fraction of the wines available. At any given time, I have access to more than 1,100 different wines, from almost as many different wineries. If you are so inclined, you may either send me an email or give me a call on my toll free number, in order to better determine what your wine tastes are and what you normally spend. I can then be on the lookout for specific items for you. Or, if you'd prefer you can simply sift through the email offerings.


Although I do work with many of the mainstream wines and the "Big Names", my specialty is in finding the rising stars and relative unknowns amongst the more boutique (limited production) wineries. It is always nice to discover some of these delicious offerings before they get too full of themselves and escalate their pricing beyond practicality. Although I work primarily, probably around 90%, with California wines, I also feature wines from other parts of the world on occasion.

A large part of my service is that I do the research for you and then transmit that information on to you, again saving you valuable time.


Also, if at any time you would like me to remove you from my broadcast email list, just let me know and I will remove you immediately. I don't want my correspondence to be viewed as unwanted "SPAM"! Or, if you would prefer that I communicate via telephone or fax that is also fine. I have many clients who remain on my list, but simply hit delete if they aren't in the market at the time, or if it is something that isn't particularly suited to their palate. Whatever your choice, I don't want you to ever become annoyed with my correspondence.


I look forward to assisting you with your future wine requirements! I would be happy to send you some of my recent information if you would give me an idea of what you enjoy and what range you purchase in. I fully realize that you may have an everyday drinking range as well as a special occasion range, as that is pretty common for many people.

Thanks very much for your interest!


Tom Meyer

I have hundreds of delicious and unique wines available for you!

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Consumables & Collectibles
Delivered directly to your door!

Tom Meyer "The Wine Guy"

With colleague Kevin Vogt (on left), Master Sommelier for Emeril Lagasse at Delmonico Steak House in the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas. After 20 years with Emeril, Kevin has recently become a partner and full time colleague, with our
group at Wine Country Connection.

I am proud to call Kevin a friend & colleague!

Kevin previously wrote a blog for The Wine Spectator Online. He also has an amazing new label of his own called "Mastery", which is a Cabernet based, Bordeaux style blend, featuring Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc & Merlot. This new premium wine is excellent and is really going to turn some heads!

James Laube, Senior Editor of The Wine Spectator calls Master Sommelier Kevin Vogt a...

"Superstar Master Sommelier"
as well as
" of the most popular and congenial wine guys around...".


Tom Meyer “The Food Guy”

Please allow me to make that special dinner party even more special. I will come to your home and prepare a meal for you and your guests that I promise will be memorable. I specialize in 3-5 course meals with a wide variety of options, for a minimum of 4 persons and a maximum of 8. In order to maintain the finest quality standards, I do not do sit down dinners for larger numbers but am willing to discuss other possible options for larger groups. I am a wine broker by trade but am also a gourmet chef, so I have a detailed understanding of preparing food with a great deal of finesse and presentation, but can also provide you with wine recommendations to complement each course.

Please email me at
or call 1-800-584-9299 for more information...

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